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This wikispace is for KIS Staff members and their families. It is a guide for moving to, and livin in Seoul. By drawing on our collective knowledge and experiences, we can unlock the many secrets of living in Seoul and working at KIS. This is however, an unofficial site, and all references to Korea International School refers only to our collective employment circumstances while living and working in Korea. For information about KIS, please visit: http://www.kis.or.kr/

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NEW! 2014-15 School Calendar (added 2/17/14)
NEW! Bali (added 10/4/13)
NEW! Jack's cool public transit guide to/from KIS Pangyo locations.
NEW! Bokejong-dong New entries on the Google Map.
NEW! Hummus in Korea Staff discount and details on our 'Where to Buy Stuff From' page!
NEW! Smartphone apps (added 3/17/13)
NEW! The Koreana Antique Shop (added 3/17/13)
NEW! Canoeing (added 3/27/14)

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